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"On This Morning, This Morning"

I will be the first to admit that being a student has its benefits, and one of my favourite perks is the ability to watch daytime TV (and although the amount of time I do get to enjoy this luxury has drastically decreased since my undergrad I’m sure its still much better than most peoples so I do count myself lucky…..
I love how multi genre daytime TV is from current affairs to entertainment and helping people, of course Jeremy Kyle does get some stick, I think the show is great and although I’m not an avid viewer I think he does do some great work, and good luck in America !

I will happily watch TV all day and can sit through GMTV, Jeremy Kyle, This Morning, Loose Women and then Dickinson’s Real deal before realising its mid afternoon…..I  don’t however do this anymore. This Morning is my absolute favourite daytime viewing, I love Philip and Holly they are so entertaining whilst being so serious when it is necessary. I hate the weeks when I have no need to say “this morning on this morning” the show is perfectly current that it is always necessary to discuss with other viewers or tell people what happened, and hats off to ITV when they decided to turn the weeks highlights into ‘This Morning Weekend’ for all those 9-5 working people…..Genius. 

This weeks Tv Highlights:

  1. The Sydicate- Tuesday 9pm BBC1 Leanne’s (Joanna Page- Stacey from Gavin and Stacey) episode her past live catches up with her after the lottery win.
  2. I Woke up Gay -Wednesday at 8pm BBC3 documentary about 21 year old Chris Birch who had a stroke and woke up gay.
  3. Long Lost Family- Thursday 9pm ITV1- Davina Mc Call and Nicky Campbell reuniting families episode 1 was very moving and wonderful TV. 
  4. Louis Theroux: Extreme Love – Autism Thursday 9pm BBC2 (Iplayer) Louis visits a school in amaerica to see how they cope with autism. 
  5. The Voice UK- Saturday BBC1 7pm week before the live shows, acts get cut from 10 to 5 per judge.