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Your in charge in more ways than your remote


So TV has been going a bit interactive crazy this week, channel four have this amazing factual programme Hidden Talent I think its great but when I was explaining it to a friend earlier in the week I realised how if you have not seen it, explaining it makes it sound….RIDICULOUS. ……..But here goes again…(and don’t judge a programme by my explanation you really must give it a go yourself.)
It is Richard Bacon presents the show and him and a group of experts have an aim to uncover the public’s hidden talent, test centre’s were set up inviting people to come and be tested from that the best and most likely achiever were set a task and then the programme follows them as they train with experts and hope the achieve the goal……the thing I find must fascinating and perhaps strangest to comprehend are the types of talents they are on the search for…..were not on the look for dancers, magicians, or (the very topical and my favourite) dancing dogs…..the show is on the hunt for, somebody good at climbing, lie detecting or learning languages, to name the first few however perhaps as these are not your average talents this is where the programme gains some of its interest.
Now if this show was on TV even just a few years ago I don’t think it would have been as successful because it wouldn’t have worked interactively but of course nowadays everyone wants to join, tweeting, watching extra clips or in this case taking the hidden talent tests online to discover if like the contributors in the programme you have your own hidden talent.
And for those of you watching the Britain’s Got Talent live final did you hear the announcement and indeed see the interactive advert. Where if you have the Shazam app on your mobile you were able to get your device to recognise the music and you would be at first entered into a prize draw for Pepsi Max and Cadbury’s, I don’t think we will be waiting too long before we are able to chose using our remotes witch adverts we want to want…..or perhaps even during the break your TV will log you on to Twitter so you can tweet about the current show…….(copyright that is my idea….A.Kimberley 13th May 2012) creating an extremely interactive experience live.
I hope that you all watched ‘Small Teen Turns Eighteen” and if you didn’t it’s still on Iplayer till Thursday-
What a great programme it was not only was the production great, Jaz and her family were yet again inspiring and it was another wonderful insight into their lives very moving especially during the sections with her Dad as his addiction fights…….I don’t think I would ever get bored of watching more documentary’s as Jaz gets on with her life and I think it would be wonderful to see her again as she gets a job and married…….fingers crossed.
Another great documentary that works again and again, is the up series that I has always been whirling around my mind since I watched as episode at school, because I have been unable to remember what its called…but now I know I cant wait for tomorrow, originally commissioned as a one off documentary with a group of 7 years olds looking into the class system it soon turned into a longitudinal study re visiting the contributors every 7 years and now they are 56, and I wonder how their lives have been progressing.

This weeks highlights:
  1. Inside Facebook: Zuckerbergs $100 billion gamble-Monday 8pm BBC2 – looking into how the social network with earn the money its expected too when it goes on the market next month- contributions from the man himself. 
  2. 56 up- Monday 9pm ITV1- longitudinal study re visiting the contributors every 7 years
  3. Hidden Talent – Tuesday 9pm Channel 4 – looking for someone with the natural talent for opera singing.
  4. Long lost family- Thursday 9pm ITV1- Davina McCall and Nicky Campbell present another episode of Long lost family where a groom to be is looking for his Dad before the wedding.
  5. Piers Morgan life stories- Lulu- Friday 9pm ITV1- acclaimed interviewer piers morgan interviews Lulu about her career in the music industry and her marriage with Bee Gee band member. 


Small teen!


In 2010 there was an amazing extraordinary people documentary about Jazz a girl who has restricted growth, and her mum Bev who also does! The programme was a great success and was recommissioned as a four part series the next year! And it’s back tomorrow sees a new episode “Small Teen Turns Eighteen” as the name says the programme will document Jazz as she turns 18, the show has been given an amazing prime time slot 9pm on this bank holiday Monday on bbc3 and I know it will be just great and even if you did miss the other shows now is your chance to jump on board! Tonight also sees the launch of Planet Earth Life, I think that much of the beauty of wildlife programmes is the access to the animals which could obviously be improved if there was less time pressure and the best bits could be chosen in the edit! So I will be very interested to see how they make the show exciting and what if whilst live the animals are no where to be found! And another live sensation tonight  Britans Got Talent with the finalists chosen love or hate it we are in for a full week of variety! My favourite has to be Pudsey the dog! This weeks highlights to add to the ones above:

  1. Planet earth live BBC1 Sunday  8:50 
  2. Small Teen Turns Eighteen monday 9pm BBC3  
  3. Hidden Talent- Tuesday 9pm Channel 4 :looking for someone with a talent for languages to appear of TV in Jordan.
  4. Britain’s Got Talent: semi finals- Monday – Thursday 7:30 ITV1
  5. Coronation Street Monday- Thursday ITV1 9pm 

ILove IPlayer

This week Channel 4 announced their new channel: 4seven with the aim to provide an alternative way to catch up on TV from the past 7days, rather than watching it on 4od or any other catch up internet sites you can watch a repeat on your real TV.
This announcement got me thinking of the new ways that TV is being watched……last year my laptop was a bit temperamental and more often than not didn’t play audio …….so I never watched things on the internet and if I missed a program it was gone for good…….or until was played on repeat which for channels like ITV is more often than BBC.
However these days I often spend much of each day catching up on the shows I’ve missed online. Usually this is because of the 9pm slots where I want to watch something on each channel.
Its just so easy now to never miss your favorite programs and although its not quite the same, its virtually there……so make way TV for the laptop, computer, Ipad, phone.
Social media is playing a huge part in the feedback on TV at the moment, and the new 4seven channel will be showing the programs that create the most hype on social networking sites. As an alternative to watching the programs online on catch up sites. 
With audiences giving instant feedback on Television, how soon will it be before we are writing the scripts and changing plots from our very own sofas?
A very grey day at Media City UK…but the street seems to be making progress.
My Life is nearly over for series 3…….so soon I will shut up about it!! (and fingers crossed my vision for an episode will be part of series 4) But if you haven’t seen the series yet there is one more this week, Wednesday BBC1 at 4:30 about children who are born on September 11th and the impacts this has on their birthday’s. But as expected Me, My Dad and his Kidney was fantastic even better than I thought and I had high hopes, this is available on Iplayer until, the 4th April. Raphael was great so confident and brave a real inspiration, if you haven’t seen it yet it is so worth a half an hour viewing.
This week saw the first episode on Love Life, and with ITV set to have a great season of Drama this did not disappoint, as the title suggests and it is about peoples love life the advert gave quite a lot of the story away but it didn’t matter, there a pregnant lady, her ex-boyfriend the babies father and of course his wife…we shall wait to see what develops… It was shot using a great technique of flash backs which worked really well in telling the previous story for the audience without using the whole series to get to the action, most certainly worth a catch up lets eagerly wait for Thursday nights installment. 
This weeks highlights…….
1.     Anti Social Network. Monday BBC3 9pm- Documentary made by “Nine Lives Media’ about Richard Bacon, and how he and his family deal with negative comment via social network.
2.     Rita Simons, My Daughter, Deafness and me. Tuesday 10:40 BBC1-Roxy From Eastenders, and her partially deaf daughter and their decisions about her life.
3.     The Apprentice Wednesday BBC1 9pm- The Apprentice is back, start of the new series about Sir Alan Sugar, business and his search for new talent.
4.      Mary’s Bottom Line. Thursday 9pm Channel 4- Mary Portas as she sets up a completely British Knicker making factory and employs young people.
5.     The Voice UK. Saturday BBC1 7pm- New Singing talent show, where the judges don’t see the contestant and are just judged on their voice. 

Kids Television not just for children


A lot of adults TV programs are produced with a child audience in mind, Waterloo Road is a great example of this, as well as much of Saturday evening’s programing…….. If this is the case I am the only one who watches Children’s programs and thinks adults should watch it too?

Whilst checking the times for this weeks recommendations I came across the perfect example to back up these thoughts. Helen Skelton who is a current Blue Peter presenter. Has walked to the South Pole for sport relief her journey has been documented in a series that is shown on CBBC but it also has a prime time Friday night slot……maybe this is the start of a new beginning of cross audience programing.

I have never stopped watching children’s programs and I believe that I have watched Arthur for as long as I can remember and I still love it now as much as I did when I was 12.
I am now studying a masters in Children’s Media Production.  And this has even further developed my knowledge and love for children’s content.
Although I have been banging on about CBBC’s children’s documentary series a lot recently it is so worth it, and I have been waiting in particular for this week’s episode, and it should not be just for children……….. This Wednesdays episode of ‘My Life’ is produced by an amazing Manchester based independent production company Nine Lives and is about a boy who needs a kidney transplant. With Nine Lives behind many amazing programs for several different channels’ including ‘Small teen, big world.’  This is set to be brilliant!!!
There are of course programs that are definitely produced just for children with hilarious sketches and kids only jokes like that very few adults find entertaining, but there are some that just fit on the children’s channels but easily would work anywhere, and ‘My Life’ is most certainly one of them, the mission statement for the series is a ‘Documentary series following the highs and lows of a group of youngsters, providing an insight into the lives of different children across the UK, each with a unique story to tell.’
The 3 series’ so far have covered issues like parents in prison, children taking part in sports stereotypically aimed at the opposite sex than them, and each episode are so thought provoking and the children involved are so inspirational, they are most certainly deserved of viewings.

‘New spot to take weekly Coronation Street photo.’

I will be the first to admit that I am an absolute sucker for both an celebrity headed documentary, and an extraordinary people documentary so BBC1’s Racing with the Hamilton’s: ‘Nic in the driving seat’ was of course going to be a winner in my eyes. But when I did watch it, it was brilliant it featured Lewis Hamilton and his family and in particular focused on his 19-year-old brother who was born with cerebral palsy, but who is driving and competing in competitions just like his brother. This episode is still on Iplayer until 13th march. The episode is part of the BBC’s Beyond Disability’s season, looking at people with disabilities, their families and the challenges they face and I’m sure the whole series will be great.

1.   Letting Go BBC1 Tuesday 10:35- part of the Beyond Disabilities series to which Racing with the Hamilton’s is a part….
2.  ‘My Life’ Me, my dad and his kidney. BBC1 4:30 Wednesday & Saturday BBC1 10am
3.  Pramface. BBC3 9pm- comedy about love and pregnancy
4.  Love Life. ITV 1 Thursday 9pm ITV1’s new Drama!!! (watch on plus an hour so don’t miss Pramface)
5.  Helen Skelton Polar Challenge for Sport relief BBC1 4;30 Monday & 8:30 Friday BBC this is the final episode and seeing  if Helen reaches her final destination of the South Pole?