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My ‘excited’ Life




For those of you who know me may know that I love the CBBC series My Life, and this time last year my blog contained lots of mentions of the series.

The series takes children from all parts of the UK with a unique story to tell and creates a 30-minute observational documentary; the episodes are made by different independent production companies rather than the BBC in house team, The episodes are stand-alone films but also work as a part of the series on the CBBC channel.  The series is now in it’s forth year and having seen every episode I can say that they have told some great stories, about boys doing ballet, girls doing boxing a father to son kidney transplant.

One reason that I know so much about the series is for my final Masters project I completed a research question about the series and how it produces factual programmes often about sensitive subjects for an under 12 audience.

This time last year when series 3 was on I hoped that one day I would get to work on the series, and in the summer the dream has come true and I was luckily enough to work on not only one but two episodes the first to air today.

Both episodes are very different but equally amazing and I can’t wait to watch them today’s episode. It is about family who have 12 children we follow Annabelle one summer through the build up to her eldest sisters wedding, the family are amazing and the wedding brilliant and was all caught on camera for your viewing pleasure! 

So this week there is not a list of recommended programmes for you to watch there is simply 1 but it is a must see.


Tuesday 26th February 2013

My Life: My Big Family Wedding

5:45 pm- CBBC channel

(repeated on Sunday 5:30 and on Iplayer)