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TV times is back……..


So as with many things New Years are a great time to start or re-start things, so this is one of the reasons I am re starting my blog, for you avid followers that have been lost in recent months without my televisual recommendations, you may notice that I have re- invented my blog we have moved from blogspot to wordpress, and over the summer I was writing a new section all about my final project which I completed, and received a distinction.

For those have you who are new to my blog it is a little insight into the world of TV, I believe myself to be fair choice to blog about TV as I have recently finished a Masters in Children’s Media Production, I have been working in an Independent TV company and am now on the hunt for a new job within the industry, with all this free time this means I also have plenty of time to watch TV, write reviews and recommend to you what I think is great.

I’m sure I have said before I got into to Downton Abbey quite late and in fact I started watching the first series after the second had aired. I am now addicted and think its AMAzing which means I of course watched the Christmas episode which at feature length was amazing, my only slight disappointment was that it was set in the summer and with this December being very wet and Christmas not really feeling very Christmassy, I would have loved our trip to the Abbey to be filled with turkey, crackers, and festive feelings but I did still enjoy it. Just a little tip and the reason I will not be discussing the ending, when next season is out:

  • Downton Abbey is not the kind of programme you should watch on Iplayer, it seems to be the programme more than most that people on social media sites ruin the cliff-hangers.


But this Sunday sees the ‘opening’ of a programme I am extremely excited about! I will compare it to Downton due to its period drama feel and it’s Sunday evening time slot. Mr Selfridge, I am hugely excited about this new programme on ITV, as a huge Selfridges fan anyway I think that any programme giving us an insight into a world that we are unfamiliar with is going to be exciting, but we shall see when the programme starts on Sunday the 6th Jan 2013 at 9pm.


I also found myself watching Channel 4’s new Wednesday night line up, Gok’s new match making show seems to work much better when he is matchmaking in a more familiar setting with style rather than the programme ‘Baggage’ which saw him trying to be the Cilla Black of Channel 4, I enjoyed this new format followed by One Born Every Minute which of course returning in it’s 4th series was as exciting as every episode before it. The 10pm slot is held by the Sharron Horagon secrets of a good marriage, which appears to be Channel 4’s answer to the Authored series by Cherry Healy, I liked it and of course was left wondering what good researchers they have working on these programmes to find the married twins that live together with their husbands. So if you are a fan of Cherry Healy I think this series is one to watch as it returns next Wednesday at 10pm.