Practise Research Project 2- The inspiration


18th July 2012

I wanted to create a documentary about children for children.

So the idea: way back when things were colder and we were signing carols and I was certainly craving mince pies I watched a documentary on ITV called ‘My Child’s Not Perfect’ now the title grabbed me…..surly every child is perfect I wondered how they were going to make a programme with presumably negative connotations to their parenting.

But I loved it I thought it was not only really interesting but also inspirational, and I don’t just mean this because it inspired me. Having watched the documentary in the evening I woke up the next day and knew what I wanted to complete my final project on.  A sort of role reversal my parent’s not perfect.

For many years I have been interested in assistance dogs, since Brownies when a local lady who had Multiple Sclerosis came to give a talk she had a beautiful black poodle who was her mobility assistance dog, the dog could support her to get back up if she fell over get the washing out of the machine. From this moment I set about learning about assistance dogs.


Picture description- Guide dog wearing harness walking down the street.


Picture description- Hearing dog wearing coat.


Picture description- mobility assistance dog reaching for bank card at cash machine wearing purple jacket.


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