Practise Research Project 1


17th July 2012

So for those of you who don’t already know I am currently completing a Masters in Children’s Digital Media Production and if you haven’t been an avid follower of my main blog: My Box It’s Life and Me you might not know that I like the CBBC series My Life.

My course is taught at the University of Salford in Media City, where I take many if not all the photo’s for my main blog- including my time lapse photo’s of the new Coronation Street.

This section of my blog will take a slightly different format and is about the research project that I am completing based funnily enough on the series My Life. I am luckily enough (in my opinion) to not have to write a dissertation instead I get to produce, direct, film and edit my own version of an episode.

Of course a masters is a masters and so there is a reasonable amount of research and writing that needs to be involved. (Not enough to put you off reading my progress blog I hope)


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