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This week Channel 4 announced their new channel: 4seven with the aim to provide an alternative way to catch up on TV from the past 7days, rather than watching it on 4od or any other catch up internet sites you can watch a repeat on your real TV.
This announcement got me thinking of the new ways that TV is being watched……last year my laptop was a bit temperamental and more often than not didn’t play audio …….so I never watched things on the internet and if I missed a program it was gone for good…….or until was played on repeat which for channels like ITV is more often than BBC.
However these days I often spend much of each day catching up on the shows I’ve missed online. Usually this is because of the 9pm slots where I want to watch something on each channel.
Its just so easy now to never miss your favorite programs and although its not quite the same, its virtually there……so make way TV for the laptop, computer, Ipad, phone.
Social media is playing a huge part in the feedback on TV at the moment, and the new 4seven channel will be showing the programs that create the most hype on social networking sites. As an alternative to watching the programs online on catch up sites. 
With audiences giving instant feedback on Television, how soon will it be before we are writing the scripts and changing plots from our very own sofas?
A very grey day at Media City UK…but the street seems to be making progress.
My Life is nearly over for series 3…….so soon I will shut up about it!! (and fingers crossed my vision for an episode will be part of series 4) But if you haven’t seen the series yet there is one more this week, Wednesday BBC1 at 4:30 about children who are born on September 11th and the impacts this has on their birthday’s. But as expected Me, My Dad and his Kidney was fantastic even better than I thought and I had high hopes, this is available on Iplayer until, the 4th April. Raphael was great so confident and brave a real inspiration, if you haven’t seen it yet it is so worth a half an hour viewing.
This week saw the first episode on Love Life, and with ITV set to have a great season of Drama this did not disappoint, as the title suggests and it is about peoples love life the advert gave quite a lot of the story away but it didn’t matter, there a pregnant lady, her ex-boyfriend the babies father and of course his wife…we shall wait to see what develops… It was shot using a great technique of flash backs which worked really well in telling the previous story for the audience without using the whole series to get to the action, most certainly worth a catch up lets eagerly wait for Thursday nights installment. 
This weeks highlights…….
1.     Anti Social Network. Monday BBC3 9pm- Documentary made by “Nine Lives Media’ about Richard Bacon, and how he and his family deal with negative comment via social network.
2.     Rita Simons, My Daughter, Deafness and me. Tuesday 10:40 BBC1-Roxy From Eastenders, and her partially deaf daughter and their decisions about her life.
3.     The Apprentice Wednesday BBC1 9pm- The Apprentice is back, start of the new series about Sir Alan Sugar, business and his search for new talent.
4.      Mary’s Bottom Line. Thursday 9pm Channel 4- Mary Portas as she sets up a completely British Knicker making factory and employs young people.
5.     The Voice UK. Saturday BBC1 7pm- New Singing talent show, where the judges don’t see the contestant and are just judged on their voice. 

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  1. The only problem with iPlayer is…things expire. Maybe they don't have enough space to archive all the programmes. Just last week I was trying to find a specific episode of Great British Railway Journeys (Don't laugh!!! I do have old-man tastes sometimes…) and I couldn't find it for the life of me. I only have a qualm about this as I have to pay a TV licence.As for using social networking to pinpoint the most popular shows…I reckon that's brilliant! Great to see Facebook/Twitter being used in a resourceful way. I watch every Apprentice series and I can't wait for The Voice (the epitome of the saying "never judge a book by it's cover!!). But at the end of the day, the only thing that's really bothering me about TV is…there should be a lesbian/gay/bi version of Take Me Out. Keep up the good work!

  2. The Anti-Social Network was a brilliant programme on Monday night, I thought Richard Bacon presented the show really well! Nice to see so much of MediaCity and Manchester on TV as well. Strangely enough talking about ondemand services I caught this on BBC iPlayer haha. Yeah the biggest problem with iPlayer is the lack of content older than 28 days. Whereas on 4od you can find some programmes which are years and years old! However the BBC are soon to be launching a pay/download service for their older content I think. They also have some programmes available through paid ondemand services such as LoveFilm Instant and Netflix. – The idea of the BBC launching a pay-for archive service interests me… as I would probably be willing to pay a VERY small ammount of money for a programme I want to watch but considering I've already paid for it through the licence fee it is slightly annoying! Onto the Apprentice tonight… can't wait 🙂

  3. Yes I do find it very annoying, that they delete things of Iplayer BBC in particular, however when they do I tell myself to think about before Iplayer and count ourselves lucky that we are given that extra chance. :)Yes I too loved seeing Media City and MAnchester appearing hugely in Anti Social Network, and I thought Richard Bacon was the perfect host for that show very good!!! Perhaps when the BBC do launch a pay to view service I'm sure they will get some bad rep from the rest of the licence paying nation but will shall see guess it depends on how good and if you can pay per show rather than making perhaps a second sky service!!

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