Kids Television not just for children


A lot of adults TV programs are produced with a child audience in mind, Waterloo Road is a great example of this, as well as much of Saturday evening’s programing…….. If this is the case I am the only one who watches Children’s programs and thinks adults should watch it too?

Whilst checking the times for this weeks recommendations I came across the perfect example to back up these thoughts. Helen Skelton who is a current Blue Peter presenter. Has walked to the South Pole for sport relief her journey has been documented in a series that is shown on CBBC but it also has a prime time Friday night slot……maybe this is the start of a new beginning of cross audience programing.

I have never stopped watching children’s programs and I believe that I have watched Arthur for as long as I can remember and I still love it now as much as I did when I was 12.
I am now studying a masters in Children’s Media Production.  And this has even further developed my knowledge and love for children’s content.
Although I have been banging on about CBBC’s children’s documentary series a lot recently it is so worth it, and I have been waiting in particular for this week’s episode, and it should not be just for children……….. This Wednesdays episode of ‘My Life’ is produced by an amazing Manchester based independent production company Nine Lives and is about a boy who needs a kidney transplant. With Nine Lives behind many amazing programs for several different channels’ including ‘Small teen, big world.’  This is set to be brilliant!!!
There are of course programs that are definitely produced just for children with hilarious sketches and kids only jokes like that very few adults find entertaining, but there are some that just fit on the children’s channels but easily would work anywhere, and ‘My Life’ is most certainly one of them, the mission statement for the series is a ‘Documentary series following the highs and lows of a group of youngsters, providing an insight into the lives of different children across the UK, each with a unique story to tell.’
The 3 series’ so far have covered issues like parents in prison, children taking part in sports stereotypically aimed at the opposite sex than them, and each episode are so thought provoking and the children involved are so inspirational, they are most certainly deserved of viewings.

‘New spot to take weekly Coronation Street photo.’

I will be the first to admit that I am an absolute sucker for both an celebrity headed documentary, and an extraordinary people documentary so BBC1’s Racing with the Hamilton’s: ‘Nic in the driving seat’ was of course going to be a winner in my eyes. But when I did watch it, it was brilliant it featured Lewis Hamilton and his family and in particular focused on his 19-year-old brother who was born with cerebral palsy, but who is driving and competing in competitions just like his brother. This episode is still on Iplayer until 13th march. The episode is part of the BBC’s Beyond Disability’s season, looking at people with disabilities, their families and the challenges they face and I’m sure the whole series will be great.

1.   Letting Go BBC1 Tuesday 10:35- part of the Beyond Disabilities series to which Racing with the Hamilton’s is a part….
2.  ‘My Life’ Me, my dad and his kidney. BBC1 4:30 Wednesday & Saturday BBC1 10am
3.  Pramface. BBC3 9pm- comedy about love and pregnancy
4.  Love Life. ITV 1 Thursday 9pm ITV1’s new Drama!!! (watch on plus an hour so don’t miss Pramface)
5.  Helen Skelton Polar Challenge for Sport relief BBC1 4;30 Monday & 8:30 Friday BBC this is the final episode and seeing  if Helen reaches her final destination of the South Pole?

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