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Radio Times in the new age!

I have often wondered what makes people want to blog, the only publication that will give you a chance. The expressive writing where the wavy red line will check your spelling.  With the advances in technology being so huge I decided in order to not get left behind and to perhaps answer my initial question………..I would start a blog.
            I am a massive fan of TV, from the day Harry Potter scared me and I had no want to read books, I became addicted! An addiction that’s cheaper then most (I won my TV in a raffle I paid a pound, and my TV license I consider a pension scheme for when I achieve my dream and work at the BBC!)  I therefore decided to share my knowledge of the world on the box with the world…….
I decided that many people lead such hectic lives and perhaps the population is deciding against walking to the paper shop and so never buy their newspaper and therefore their copy of the radio times……..which obviously means they are missing such great TV. So why not read my blog, where I hope to highlight the best bits of the weeks TV just in time for you to catch them on Iplayer before they got lost in the vortex of the world wide web, and things to skyplus for the upcoming week.
My TV’s life this past week:
      I spend much of my time at Media CityUK in Salford, the new home of BBC children’s unfortunately I was not there however when they opened the new Blue Peter garden……..But it is said to be in the open space which will be very exciting as the general public we be able to see the garden for themselves.
I am a massive fan of Gok Wan, and was eagerly waiting for him to take his TV persona down a different route and it was worth the wait.  Tuesday saw the last in a three part series of ‘Gok’s teens the naked truth.’ Definitely worth a watch on 4od 11 days left to watch episode 1.
With similar aims as his ‘do I look good naked series’’ he used his incredible feel good personality to boost the lives of teenagers in a build up to a national body confidence class. The teenagers were incredibly brave and inspiring and the series made incredible moving and feel good TV.
CBBC has a target audience of 6-12 years old….this is too young, cbbc produces and co produces make some AMAZING content that should not just be for the under 12’s.  The channel has a documentary series called ‘My Life’ and its fabulous and a must see for every age not just the pre teens. I watch it religiously and I think you will see why…. Its aims are to follow extraordinary children with exceptional story’s to tell. An independent production company produces each episode and this has led to a perfect spread of stories from up and down the country. This week saw another episode in series 3 ‘Home Grown Boys’ ……..and it was great similar to a version on junior apprentice, it looked at a group of 6 boys from the Kings Cross area of London who have a business during the school holidays and grow vegetables in skips then sell them to local businesses. The program is always inspirational but this week especially.
Catch it on CBBC till the end on March, CBBC shouldn’t just be for kids and this is the perfect example.
Things for next week:
1.     Helens polar challenge for sport relief- CBBC on BBC1 4:30 this is the final episode on find out if and how Helen Skelton from Blue Peter will make it to the South Pole.
2.     Prisoners Wives- Episode 5- “amazing drama series following a group of wives that meet visiting a prison. BBC1 Tuesday 9pm
3.     Waterloo Road- The second episode in the new series leading to as you can imagine some brilliant drama between both the students and the teachers. Wednesday 8pm BBC1
4.     Children of the Tsunami – looking at Japans Tsunami last year through the eyes of the children effected.  BBC2 Thursday 9pm
5.     Lets dance for sport relief- this week amongst others is the turn of Scott Mills and Ollie Murs, surely they will be amazing, and all for charity. BBC1 Saturday 7pm